Kayak Camp Soca

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Kayak courses on the most beautiful river of the Alps! The Soca river in Slovenia is the perfect kayak river for paddlers of all skill levels!

The Soca, also called the "Emerald Beauty" because of its amazing water colour, is probably the most beautiful and also famous river of the Alps and wordwide known by kayakers for its amazing whitewater.

Emerald whitewater for all skill levels

The Soca river is similiar to the Salza also very well suited for beginners. From easy whitewater to challenging sections (WW I-V+), the Soca offers it all. That is why also for more experienced and intermediate kayakers the river provides us with countless possiblities.

In every camp we organize the following 4-day courses:

  • 4-day Beginners Course
  • Advanced Kayak Course 1
  • Advanced Kayak Course 2

(All course contents and information you can find in the descriptions)

Kayak holiday with a Mediterranean flaire in stunning nature

Aside from the great whitewater, the destination also offers stunning nature, crystal clear water quality, good food and a nice Mediterranean flaire. The river sections vary from open river valleys to deep gorges and big boulder gardens. That is why many kayakers travel back to the Soca valley year for year.

A great kayak holiday in one of the most beautiful paddling destinations worldwide.

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