Frequently Asked Questions

Here you find all important information like FAQ, How to get here and much more.


Trips will be take place at all weather conditions. You will get warm neoprene equipment from us. If trips can not take place because of safety concerns, we will contact you before hand (extreme weather conditions, floods). This can also be on short nice.

Dates & Availabilities

Trips will take place daily during the period you find in the trip description. For every trip we need a minimum number of participants. If your desired date is not available anymore, please just contact us via mail or phone.


Please be at our Basecamp to the agreed meeting time and also plan for stops or traffic jams during your drive. Please understand that we can not make other customers wait and that we will start the trips as scheduled. If you still happen to be delayed, please contact us on the phone immediately. We will try our best.

Minimum group sizes

For every trip there is a minimum group size. Usually the minimum number of participants is 4 persons. If you are a smaller group, please just contact us via mail or phone. Of course it is also possible for single persons or small groups to join a trip.

Maximum group sizes

Rafting Styria: The maximum group size we can take on a trip on the same times is around 80-120 persons.

Canyoning: The maximum group size is about 20-30 persons for the easy to medium hard trips. For harder or longer trips the groups will have to be smaller or seperated in start times.

Kajak: For our kayak courses we can run 3 courses with a maximum of 8 participants per instructor simultaneously.

How many persons per raft / group / course

Our biggest rafts have space for 10 persons + guide. Everything above we will have to split over more boats. We have rafts in different sizes from 4-10 persons. At our canyoning trips we will have 8 persons per guide, on harder trips less. At our kayak courses and SUP trips we will have maxium 8 persons per instructor.

Showers & Changing Rooms

At our Basecamp you will have modern and heated changing rooms with toilets and showers.


The safety of our clients is our top priority. We use for all trips modern and good maintained safety equipment. Our guides are certified for all trips and participate regularly in obligatory and voluntary trainings and educations.

Meeting point / Getting here / Public transport

The exact adress of your meeting point you will get with your booking confirmation. The adresses of our Basecamps you will find at our website. There you will also find information about public transport possibilites.


At our Basecamps you will find free parking areas which are signposted.


Your valuables and car keys you can safely leave at our Basecamps while you are on your trip.

Fotos / Own camera / GoPro

At some trips we will take pictures of you which you can get after the trip. Of course it is allowed to bring your own water proof camera or your actioncam. On most helmets you will also find GoPro attachments.


At our Basecamp Salza you can get snacks like Pizza. Around every Basecamp you will find good restaurants very closeby. We are happy to help you organize something or to give you tips when you are here.


You find at our Website selected partners for accomodation closeby to our Basecamps. At our Basecamp Salza we also offer 6 comfort rooms and 2 dorm rooms.


The transfers at the rafting trips and kayak courses will be done by us. We own a small fleet of busses and also a big 50 seater. For Canyoning you will have to drive to the trip by your private car. At the kayak courses it might also happen that we need a private car of a participant to shuttle our bus.


Our season is from April to October. The season times of some trips are regulated by different laws and can also be shorter.

Exclusion of a trip

You will find the necessary requirements for all trips in the trip description. Our guides are allowed to exclude participants from a trip, if they do not bring the necessary requirements or are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Requirements for a trip

You will find the necessary requirements for all trips in the trip description. The maximum weight for a customer is 130KG. We do not have proper safety equipment if you are heavier than that. The minimum body size for kids is 125cm.