4-day Kayak Course for Beginners

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Great basic course for kayak beginners on one of the most beautiful rivers of the Alps - the Salza in Styria.

In this kayak course we well teach you the most important basic techniques to be able to run easier whitewater sections on your own. We will paddle on many different sections of the Salza, which is not only one of the most beautiful but also most beginner friendly whitewater rivers to learn kayaking. All you need is a sporty mindset and the motivation to learn something new!

Schedule of our 4-day kayak course on the Salza:

Meeting point for our course is the Basecamp Salza in Styria. After meeting your instructor he will explain the overall course, schedule and details of your upcoming days. After that you will be equipped with all the necessary gear.

In every beginners course we always start on flat water for the first day, where we show you the right use of the material, the correct way to exit the boat once it capsized and of course the first basic paddling strokes. Our goal is to give you control and confidence in your kayak, before we head to the first river section.

Great paddling days on various river sections of the Salza

In the upcoming course days we will spend our time on the water on different sections of the Salza river. With over 50 kilometers of untouched whitewater, the Salza offers a great variety of sections for us. Each day we can choose a new section depending on our skill level. We will teach you necessary techniques like ferry glides, taking eddies but also to recognize potential dangers on the river.

A whitewater adventure for sporty newcomers

After 4 days of kayak course you will have a solid foundation of paddling easy whitewater sections. This course is ideal for persons who want to spend some sporty days in a whitewater kayak and also are interested in continuing this sport.

Content of the 4-day kayak course: 

  • Familiarize with the material
  • Correct way of getting in and out of the boat
  • Right behaviour after capisizing
  • Basic paddle techniques (paddle strokes, braces)
  • River reading and current theory
  • River running skills (catching eddies, ferry gliding)
  • Recognizing and avoiding river hazards
  • On demand safety on the river (safety and rescue techniques)
  • Edging the boat, using the current


Goals of the 4-day kayak course:

  • Learning all basic skills
  • Running on easy river sections (grade 1-2)

Accommodation at the AOS Adventure Basecamp (meeting point for trips)
More accommodations in the area


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