Hosts Styria

Accommodations in Styria

Adventure Guesthouse

Cosy, cool and yet traditional. Our new adventure hostel and base camp on the Salza.

  • Lounge, approx. 100 sqm (bar, couch, seating)
  • Breakfast room with rustic Zirbenstube for approx. 20 persons
  • Reception for sports activities and hostel,
  • GUEST GARDEN for approx. 60 guests
  • rooms with shower/WC, dormitory with shared bathroom
  • breakfast can be booked separately
Rooms & Appartements Hoamat

Very nice double rooms and appartements directly next to our Basecamp Salza

Adress: Großreifling 41, 8931 Landl
Tel.: +43 3633 21060 

Gasthof Schnabl***

Cosy, family-run hotel with modern rooms. Nearest to our new Basecamp & Hostel (2,5 km) Good cuisine, top rated on, fair prices Distance to Camp Salza 5 min, Camp Gesäuse 20 min

Address: Erb 16, A-8931 Großreifling Styria
Phone: +43 3633 / 2215   
Fax: +43 3633 / 2215

Hotel Mooswirt

Nice hotel just next to the lake.
10 minutes from our basecamp Salza.

Adresse: Mooslandl 41, 8921 Mooslandl

Gasthof Stiegenwirt

 Recommended inn, 20 rooms, wellness area, seminars
15 minutes by car from Basecamp Salza

Address: Palfau 159, A-8923 Landl

Hotel Castle Kassegg

Romantic hotel in a quiet location and only a few minutes by car from our nature camp Salza, ideal for enterprising families, groups and sports enthusiasts.
Distance to Camp Salza 10 min, Camp Gesäuse 35 min

Address: Hocherb 18; 8933 St.Gallen
Phone: +43 (0) 3632 / 20 4 73

Gasthof Eschau

Traditional guesthouse right next to our Basecamp Freelife


Holidayhouse Spitzenhof

Nice appartement for 4 persons only 5 minutes away from our Camp Salza.

Adresse: Kirchenlandl 82, 8931 Landl
Tel.: 0664 / 165 00 32

Rinntaverne Palfau

Nice appartement for 4 persons only 5 minutes away from our Camp Salza.

Adresse: Kirchenlandl 82, 8931 Landl
Tel.: 0664 / 165 00 32

Gasthof Kölbl***

Traditional inn with an excellent reputation. Very good cuisine (Styria Beef) and nice rooms, in-house alp, 50 beds
Distance to Camp Gesäuse 15 min, Camp Salza 35 min

Address: 8912 Johnsbach 65
Phone: +43 3611 216

Gasthof Donner***

Traditional Gasthof with good kitchen in Johnsbach.
Distance to Camp Gesäuse 15 min, Camp Salza 35 min



Very nice cabin for 2 persons in Hieflau.
Distance to both camps 10-15 minutes.

Naturpark Resort

Selection of nice appartements & rooms around our Camp Salza

Gasthof Hensle***

Gutbürgerlicher Gasthof (seminars)

Distance to Camp Salza 10 min, Camp Gesäuse 30 min

Address: Market 43, 8933 St.Gallen
Phone: +43 (0)3632/7171     
Fax: +43 (0)3632/717123

Röthelstein Castle

Built in the 17th century, the completely renovated and idyllically situated castle in Admont has lost none of its dignified flair even today.

Distance to Camp Gesäuse 15 min, Camp Salza 35 min

Address: 8911 Admont
Phone: +43 (0) 5/7083-320,

Hotel Spirodom****

 The 4-star Spirodom hotel in Admont is located in the heart of the Gesaeuse National Park region. At the same time it is only a stone's throw away from the monastery library of the Benedictine monastery Admont.
 Distance to Camp Gesäuse 15 min, Camp Salza 30 min

Address: Eichenweg 616.8911 Admont
Phone: +43 (0)3613 / 36 600

Landgasthof Buchner

Good regional kitchen and nice rooms in Admont.  
Distance to camp Enns: 15 minutes, to camp Salza: 30 minutes

Gasthof Ödsteinblick***

Traditional Gasthaus in the mountaineering village of Johnsbach

Address: 8912 Johnsbach 57
Phone: +43 (0)3611 / 215

Appartement "Schlossblick"

Appartement for max. 8 persons only a few minutes away from our base Salza

Adresse: Erb 13, 8931 Kirchenlandl

Frühstückspension Kornbranntgut

8 rooms and 2 appartements in this nice and quiet place in Hieflau.
15 minutes from Basecamp Salza oder Enns

Adress: Halser 6, 8920 Hieflau

Feldbauer Farm & snack station

Holidays on a farm, very cosy and homely
Distance to Camp Salza 5 minutes

Address: Kirchenlandl 67, 8931 Landl
Phone: +43 (0)3633-2251

Gästehaus Gruber***

sauna, solarium, swimming pond, garden
Approx. 14 km to Camp Gesäuse

Address: 8911 Hall/Admont 458
Phone: +43 (0)3613/2914
Fax: +43 (0)3613/2937

Camping site Forstgarten

Beautiful campsite located in the heart of the Gesäuse National Park right next to Camp Gesäuse,
20 min to Camp Salza

Address: Gstatterboden 105, 8912 Johnsbach
Phone: +43   3613/2403-0

Ebneralm Johnsbach

Very beautifully situated alpine hut in the heart of Johnsbach. Accessible by car. 25 persons can be accommodated in the camp of the hut, well equipped. Breakfast at the hut possible.

Address: George "Schurl" Zeiringer
Phone: +43 (0)664 3441188

"Alte Gendarmerie"

Bed & Breakfast, 5 double rooms and one apartment. Very tasteful with a lot of attention to detail, top ratings
 Distance to Camp Salza 10 min, to Camp Gesäuse 30 min

Address: 8933 St.Gallen / Styria