Why with us?

Which provider is right for me?

Thousands of information within seconds! If you enter the search term "Rafting in Austria" into Google or Bing, you will quickly get an incredible selection of offers from countless organizers, all of which promise only the best. It is no longer possible to distinguish between "real" outdoor businesses and voucher portals.

Our clients put their health and safety in our hands. Whitewater, canyoning or mountaineering-trips offer a great spectrum of adventures, but also bare a significant risk. Few clients realize potential dangers, but await the absolute adrenaline-kick. Of course we want to offer such a kick - but just in a way and to a magnitude in which we can judge potential dangers objectively and ensure safety.

We know, that for customers it is really hard to judge companies beforehand for such factors. A good website or brochure can never tell you the real quality or service of a company. But considering that every customer puts his/her safety into the hands of their guide, it may be worth to take a closer look - the cheapest offer can have its own "price".

30+ years of experience

We had it all - weather disasters, raging high water levels, change of laws, booming sports, accidents and a lot more. Knowledge and experience and also certain feeling and a distinct sense we developed of the years - that is what our clients benefit from.

Experienced and well-trained guides

If your guide needs a GPS to get to the put-in - you should become worried. The coolest boys and girls do not have to be the most competent in what they do. If your guide tells you, that he just came back from a kayak trip to the Zambezi, Chile, New Zealand, Peru or Mexico, made the Swift-Water-Rescue-Course or knows the Lammeröfen, Ötz or Sanna as a Guide - you can sure look a little bit more relaxed into the next rapids. A lot of our guides can tell you stories like that and also try to give on their experience to our newcomers.

Same goes for our canyoningguides and guides in the mountaineering. Nearly all of them are in the mountain-rescue-teams and are confronted with extreme situations regularly.

Team spirit and motivation are trademarks of our staff. In 2007 twelve of our guides went to the Zambezi to a rafting adventure. In 2012 five our guides went to Peru and Chile for Rafting and Kayaking.

A good, realiable and competent team are important for us to be able to offer the best possible adventure to our customers.

Competent Service and customer advice

We do not run a call-center, where you have to wait in the waiting line first and at the end you probably know as much as before you called. We also do not have an "adventure-voucher-shop" where the person you are talking to probably know the same or even less about outdoor-activities than you.

Our "headquarter" is opened to normal office hours and filled with competent and friendy people. All of them know, what a neopren on the skin feels like. They all know all of our trips, and not just from pictures. Some of them even like to swap the computer-mouse for a paddle in the evening and hit the rivers for an after-work-session themselves. In any case, we try very hard to fulfill all of our customers wishes and requests.

3 Basecamps

By having 3 basecamps, 2 in Styria and 1 in Salzburg, we are able to offer a wide range of different trips and adventures to our customers.

Camp Salza and AOS Adventure Hostel (Styria)

Our basecamp Salza and AOS Adventure Hostel offers everything a modern outdoor base needs.

We have heated changing rooms, warm showers, a nice lounge, bar, beer garden and much more ...

Camp Gesäuse (Styria)
The region in the middle of Austria probably counts to the most beautiful of the country. Spectacular mountains and untouched nature offer great possibilities outdoor activities.
Camp Golling near Salzburg
Our camp in Salzburg is close to the Hotel Torrenerhof in Golling (about 20 minutes drive outside of Salzburg city). The cenral location ensures close drives to our canyoning trips like Fischbach or Almbach. The town centre of Golling is about 2 kilometers away.

In Styria we have our own intercity bus with more than 50 comfortable seats. Therefore we can transport larger groups relaxed at once, avoid annoying waiting times at the base camps or the exits. Especially on cooler days a pleasant service.

These are some of our strengths, which will hopefully convince you to become our guest. Many of them have been for more than 20 years. Maybe you'll be one of them soon.

We are looking forward to seeing you! Lukas, Christoph and Hartwig Strobl

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