Advanced Kayak Course 2

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Perfection course for advanced whitewater kayakers!

This course is ideal for advanced kayakers that want to perfect their technical skills. The goal is to be able to safely run whitewater grade III on your own.

Schedule for the Advanced Kayak Course 2:

After meeting your instructor he will explain the overall plan, schedule and details for your upcoming course. After that you will be equipped with all the necessary gear.
You can of course use your own gear, if you have such.

At the beginning of the course we will choose a section in difficulty grade II-III. We will take a close look on each participant´s skill to get an impression on what we will have to work on. It will also give you the chance to warm-up a bit, before we head on to the more challenging sections.

Draw strokes, boof strokes, setting safety, whitewater tactics and more! 

In the remaining time we will work on your individual skills and try to perfect them. Part of the exercises will be for example advanced paddle strokes like draw-strokes or boof strokes, but also river running techniques like using river pillows and currents. Aside from the technical part, we will also work on your whitewater tactics, which contains scouting rapids, good decision making and also setting proper safety.

Content of the Advanced Kayak Course 2: 

  • Advanced river reading and current theory
  • River running skills (catching eddies, ferry gliding) on whitewater grade III
  • Advanced paddling techniques (draw stroke)
  • Basics of boof stroke (avoiding holes, running small drops)
  • Whitewater tactics, good decision-making, communication, scouting
  • Repeat and deepen safety on the river (use of throw bag, setting safety)

Goals of the Advanced Kayak Course 2:

  • Being able to paddle whitewater grade III on your own
  • Right decision-making and assessment of own skills
  • Deepen all advanced paddle and river running techniques

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