Kayak Trial Day

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The ideal day to try kayaking for the first time!

If you are interested in jumping into a whitewater kayak for one day for the first time, this trial day is the right program for you. 

Schedule for the Kayak Trial Day:

Meeting point for our course is the basecamp Salza in Styria. After meeting your instructor he will explain the program for the day. After that you will be equipped with all the necessary gear.

Shortly after we will drive to our lake where you will do you very first paddle strokes on flat water. Of course we first show you the right use of the material, the correct way to exit the boat once it capsized and of course the first basic paddling strokes. Our goal is to give you control and confidence in your kayak.

Your first steps in a whitewater kayak

In this calm atmosphere we have enough time to show you all the basic techniques. Aside from the techniqual part, the fun part also plays a big role on this day. We will play some fun games between the technical sessions where you might end up doing a "half eskimo roll" every now and then.

This day is a wet and funny kayak session for everyone who want to try this sport for the first time.

Content of the Kayak Trial Day:

  • Familiarize with the material
  • Correct way of getting in and out of the boat
  • Right behaviour after capzise
  • Basic paddle technquies (paddle strokes, braces)
  • Playful learning of the basics

Goals of Kayak Trial Day:

  • Learning of basic skills in flatwater
  • To feel like doing more kayaking

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The ideal day to try kayaking for the first time!
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