Kayak Safety Workshop

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Practical safety training for whitewater kayakers!

Safety should be the top priority for every whitewater athlete. In our 2-day safety workshop we will train the most important and effective rescue techniques and show you how you should react in case of an emergency on the river.

Rope techniques, swimming in backwashes and much more!

The basic principle is: Learning by doing! That is why we spend most of our time actually on the river and not inside a class room. Content of the course are for example how to set proper safety on rapids, throwbaging, rescuing boats and gear, pins, swimming in whitewater, gear and equipment and also rope techniques and knots.

Individual crisis scenarios on the river

After the practical exercises we will prepare various realistic scenarios for each one of you. You will have to solve those scenarios by yourself, effective and quick. This pracital method is used by many rescue courses internationally and is proven to be especially effective. After the scenarios we will reflect on each participants performance.

Our kayak instructors are certified by the International Rafting Federation (IRF) and have a lot of experience with scenarios on the river.

Content of the Kayak Safety Workshop: 

  • Use of the right equipment and gear
  • Setting proper safety on rapids, throwbaging
  • Rope techniques and knots (Z-Drag,..)
  • Swimming in whitewater (holes, backwashes)
  • Pins in whitewater (gear and persons)
  • Rescuing gear and persons (cowtail,..)
  • Individual crisis scenarios

Goals of the Kayak Safety Workshop:

  • Raising awareness of proper safety on whitewater
  • Learn rescue techniques
  • Basic for rope systems and knots
  • Good decision making and prioritizing in emergencies

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