The history about the company

From a single-unit to a team! What started back in 1988 with 10 life jackets, has now become one of the most established outdoor companis in Austria. 

AOS (Absolute Outdoors Strobl) - stands for a family business and two generations of whitewater- and adventuresports. Over the years, we extended and improved our programs step by step. Also in terms of quality, we like to claim the highest standards. No matter if its our guides or our equipment, we invest in the safety and the satisfaction of our clients. In our company you won´t be sitting in "oldtimer boats", but in top-products with modern equipment.

  • 1988 - From hobby to profession In 1987 we discovered our passion for whitewater. With inflatable boats, we rafted different rivers in Styria and Salzburg. Equipped with wooden paddles, ice-hockey-helmets, life jackets and bathing clothes and our first raft from the company Metzeler Mammut. After our first nice swims in the cold whitewater of the Alps, we also invested in Neoprenes. Back in those days, it were mainly friends that joined us on our trips. A year later, we deceided to start offering trips to clients.
  • 1990 - First raftingcamp in the Gesäuse with old military tents from the U.S.
  • 1992 - Moving the camp to the Gasthof Donner in Johnsbach. Continous extention of the camp in the following years.
  • 2002 - Building of the Alpine Park in the Gesäuse - an alpne via verrata only 5 minutes away from our camp.
  • 2006 - Opening of a new camp in Golling / Salzburg. This enlarged our range of programs widely, especially in Canyoning.
  • 2009 - Improvement of the Alpine Park Gesäuse - New Flying Fox Parks
  • 2010 - Renovation and Opening of the Riverhouse Gesäuse, with accomodation for 15 people, Barbeque, campfire, kitchen, showers
  • 2011 - Opening of a new Camp Salza on the styrian Salza at the campsite Weiberlauf. Starting of a professional kayakschool (www.kajak-ausria.com)
  • 2015 - Travel agency concession
  • 2015/16 - Purchase of the former "Reiflingerhof" inn in the Salt Valley and conversion into a modern hostel with adjoining base camp and kayak school.
  • 2017 - Renovation of the Riverhouse Gesäuse, changing to the Basecamp Enns for our rafting trips
  • 2019 - Bus agency concession
  • 2020 - Renovation of all rooms in the AOS Adventure Hostel
  • 2020/21 - Relocation of the booking office from Liezen to a new location in Admont. Company handover from Hartwig Strobl to Christoph and Lukas Strobl.  
  • 2021 - Renovation of the Basecamp Enns, new infrastructure for the equipment
  • 2022 - Company takeover off Freelife Outdoorsport GmbH