Rafting Salza + Enns (2 days)

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Great 2-day rafting trip on two of the most beautiful rivers of the Alps. Superb rafting adventures for beginners and experts!

One of our most popular trips for more than 30 years. Great whitewater on two of the best rafting sections in Austria!

Swift whitewater in drinking quality on the Salza river

On the first day we start with a trip on the beautiful Salza, one of the most beautiful rivers of the Alps. Crystal clear water and nice technical rapids make sure you have a great rafting experience. Additional highlights are the two jumping spots in the river (optional) as well as the "Palfauer gorge" towards the end of the trip.

Pushy rapids in spectacular mountain scenery on the Enns river in the Nationalpark Gesäuse

On the second day we increase the whitewater difficulty and especially the volume of water in the river. The Enns is quite different from the Salza and offers less technical, but bigger and faster whitewater rapids. Especially the "Gesäuse Eingang" and the steep "Schlusskatarakt" will get the adrenaline levels pumping. The middle of the Enns also has some calm sections where you can enjoy the great scenery, relax, or take a jump into the water. Pure nature in the middle of the youngest Nationalpark of Austria.

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